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Product Submission

*Anything submitted in the Fall of 2020 will be considered for our Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

If you would like to submit your product for consideration please read through the guidelines below and complete all of the steps before submitting. We will only contact you when we are ready to pursue the purchase of items. 

All submissions must include wholesale pricing and policies, photos of items and/or links to your website or online sales venue. 

We do NOT take phone calls regarding wholesale item purchases from reps or makers. Email or snail-mail are the only appropriate contact for soliciting. 

Please submit seasonal items at appropriate times. For example, holiday items will be purchased in August through mid-September and no later, starting in 2021. 

***Please understand that we are a small store and can only carry so much product. We may love your product, but if we already carry a similar line we will not add a competing line to our collection at the same time. We may hold onto your information for future purchasing when we change up our lines. Not receiving an immediate response does not always mean we are uninterested. 

Thank you for reading through the guidelines. If you would like to submit your product line for consideration by our buyers please email with the email title containing "Product Submission"

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